Teacher Love

Carrie Reiberg is the Shortridge Nominee for National Life Group LifeChanger of the Year. She is now in the running for a top prize from National Life Group. Click this link https://lifechangeroftheyearnominees.com/carrie-reiberg/ to comment on her wonderfulness as a teacher & community leader. These are the comments the award committee will consider. Deadline: Jan 15th.

Hubbard Awards Time! For thousands of students every day, teachers in Indianapolis Public Schools are inspirations: they influence, guide, stimulate, help shape and fulfill lifelong dreams and aspirations. This award recognizes, celebrates and rewards exceptional IPS teachers. Those honored are teachers who have turned around the lives of one or more students and have a demonstrated track record of academic success.Please consider nominating a Shortridge Teacher at http://www.uwci.org/life-changing-teacher-award New this year, The Hubbard Life-Changing School Leadership Award celebrates exceptional IPS school leaders who have demonstrated visionary leadership and a passion for improving their students’ lives and growing their teachers’ success. Nominations can be made here http://www.uwci.org/hubbard-education-award Deadline: January 24th, 2016