Committee Descriptions


Tickets – 2+ people

  • Work with the Communication Committee to promote ticket sales.
  • Responsible for deciding the ticket price and packages.
  • Selling tickets every way possible.
    • Online
    • Paper sales
    • PIT day
    • Other school events
    • Consider new ideas:  Think of new ways to share the event with the SHS community and beyond.
    • Ticket Committee will work with the event chairs by staffing the table, running credit card reservation purchases, and other activities related to the pre-event day.
    • Create and maintain the invitation list and RSVP’s.
    • Work with parents who have obstacles to attend.

Communication – 3+ people

Work with the Ticket Committee and Graphic Designer


Save the date announcement in JANUARY –

  • Online – Managebac, SHS Website, SHS Wednesday Weekly – Every week until the event, PTSA Website, SHS social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), PTSA Facebook
  • Printed material – Need to find a printer sponsor – tickets, flyers, letters,  invitations, envelopes


  • Live tweeting, facebooking and instagramming
  • Project a powerpoint with pictures of what’s going on at SHS mixed with thank you’s to donors and sponsors
  • Other ideas?

Raffle Committee – 4+ people

Rebecca Zirnheld,

  • During the event, will have baskets of donated items to raffle and silent auction.  Your job is to go out into the community now and ask for businesses to donate items (tickets to events, restaurant gift certificates, services, merchandise, etc…) The ask letter is almost done and we have our 501c3 status.
  • You should have already received a google doc invitation to record our possible vendors. You are welcome to start adding vendors that you plan to contact there or keep your own list, however we need to communicate so we don’t contact a business twice.  Keep good records for thank you notes and next year!
  • Decide how to package these items for the raffle and/or silent auction.

Food and Drink Committee – 5+

  • You will decide the menu.
  • Get service items and or paper goods donated.
  • Food and drinks need to be donated. You will need to go out into the community and ask for donations from food distributors, restaurants, groceries, etc…
  • An ask letter will be provided

Collaborative Art Project Committee – 2+

  • Plan a collaborative art project that participants can do during the event that can be installed at SHS after.
  • Get supplies and supervise during the event.

Décor and venue organization– 2+

  • Plan the décor
  • Decorate before the event
  • Help the Food and Drink Committee with getting paper goods.

Music – 1

  • Plan and coordinate music and or other entertainment

Photographer – 1

  • Take pictures during the event

Thank You Committee – 6+

  • Send paper thank you notes to volunteers, community members, donors and sponsors
  • Thank you notes on all social media sites to everyone
  • Thank you notes and links to donor and sponsor websites on our site
  • Thank you notes via managebac to volunteers
  • Page of donors and sponsors in the yearbook

Sidener had all raffle items, food and drinks donated!  ALL. OF. IT.  So, we can do this…  We just need to be creative and start pounding the pavement!

Financial/Legal work:

  • Separate bank account for raffle and alcohol? Beth
  • Gaming Permit? Lori
  • Excise – Beth
  • Insurance – Beth

Meeting Schedule for ALL Event Committees:

Event Committee 7:00 – General PTSA Meeting 6:00

Jan 11 – Jan 14

Feb 1 – Feb 11

Mar 7 – Mar 10 (same week again)

Apr 4 – Apr 14

April 23 or 30th – Event

May 2 Debriefing meeting – May 12