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End of the Year Letter

June 7, 2016

Dear Shortridge Parents,

As the 2015-16 school year comes to an end, I would like to thank our amazingly talented, generous and well-intentioned parent-run all-volunteer organization. I also want to thank the teachers, staff and the administration for their encouragement of the parents, which helped to form our strong community. It has been an incredible year.

I would say the theme for the 2015-16 school year has been “Figure it out.” The PTSA has certainly figured a lot of things out this year! We also had to be fast and furious about it. Our focus has been on how we parents can come together to help build a stronger school. Our goals were to 1) create the association and put some processes in place, 2) get to know each other and create a parent community to support each other, our scholars and teachers 3) raise money for some much needed items that will support learning.

In a mere 6 months we:

  • Held an election and created the PTSA
  • Helped SHS host a successful Open House
  • Fed the staff a home cooked meal for PIT day in the fall
  • Provided car stickers to send to new incoming families
  • Provided volunteers and food for DepART
  • Helped staff the concession stand and sell tickets during a basketball tournament
  • Provided childcare for the Butler Lab School’s children during their fundraiser and raised $800. This was the beginning of relationship that we will develop further with the Butler Lab School.
  • Hosted a “Parents Night Out” at the Bent Rail
  • Provided dinner to teachers during PIT day in the spring
  • Celebrated teacher appreciation week by providing teachers snacks, gifts and a microwave
  • Wrote a grant to work on the gardens around SHS to the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Association and received $3,000.
  • Honored Mark Schullenberger and Ms. Nelson’s retirement with a cake
  • Planned and hosted the Global Gala with a robust silent auction. This event met many objectives.
    • The Global Gala committee bonded and had fun planning the event.
    • We reached out into our community and started forming new relationships and nurtured existing relationships with many businesses in Indianapolis.
    • Current parents, future parents, teachers and community members were able to have fun together and get to know each other better at the event.
    • We raised over $4,000 in in-kind donations from our community (18 restaurants, wineries and breweries, Basile Opera Center), which resulted in only having approximately $1,200 in expenses.
    • 139 raffle and silent auction donations from local and national businesses, Shortridge High, Shortridge staff and Shortridge parents.
    • In total, we were able to put a profit of approximately $8,000 in the bank. We will give SHS $5,000 for STTEAMM….. The remaining money will be saved and allocated to cover expenses for future events.
      • Items that will be purchased include:

Science- Incubator (estimated cost of $1,000)

  • An incubator cures cells and allows studnets to swab specific surfaces to study live germs and bacteria during the study of cells.

Science- Gel Electrophoresis (estimated cost $1,600)

  • Purchasing of pipetts and equipment This equipment allows for greater sudy of science including DNA fingerprtinting.

Science- Chemical Logging (estimated cost $250)           

  • There are a large numebr fo chemicals used in the sciences and this subscription would allow fo rth einitail looging and tarcking of all chsmicals on ther premises.

Technology- Small projector (estimated cost $700)

  • Utliize mobile projector and screen for mobile presentations at student conferences and events. Allows for small class and group presentations in an appropriate setting.

Arts- Displaying Supplies (($1,500)

  • Through frames and matting, moveable racks and balck matt board studenst will be able to display their artwork within the buidling adding to the aesthetic value of the buidling.
  • THANK YOU Global Gala Committee!

Considering that we did this all in 6 months, we consider the 2015-16 year a huge success. Was it perfect? Of course not! We were figuring things out, and we still are. It took a village of willing and generous parents to make everything happen. Every bit of help mattered, whether it was big or small and we appreciate it very much!

I would like to announce our new officers for next year. I will be serving as vice president, Jody Winter is our new president, and Meg Horn and Beth Hannan will also be serving second terms as secretary and treasurer respectively. Welcome Jody!  We look forward to having you be our president.  Kevin Grau, our former vice president will stay heavily involved next year. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, team!

Congratulations to our first graduating class! The award ceremony was amazing, today. You all have a lot to be proud of. We wish you all much happiness and success.

As we approach summer, I encourage all of our parents to think ahead to the fall. When you’ll return in August, I ask that you make time to be involved next year in our PTSA and sign up to assist, or to take on a chairperson position. Just as important, I ask that you find new parents next fall and welcome them, so that they feel comfortable and a part of our fabulous community.

In July we will help SHS with registration day and plan a family friendly event that will take place in August. Please contact Sonja Clark at, 373-2930 or Meg Horn at 797-5566 if you would like to participate. Everyone is welcome and needed.

Thank you again for an amazing year! Please keep in touch. Our website is and you can find us on Facebook as Shortridge High School PTSA.


Sonja Clark

PTSA President

Shortridge High School