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Minutes from January 12, 2017

Shortridge IB High School PTSA

Meeting call to order – 8:06 by Jody Winter

Members present: Meg Horn, Ami Anderson, Beth Hannan, Sonja Clark, Jody Winter, Fred Winter, Karen Steiner, Meredith Easley, Kristie Carter, Jeb Carter, Heidi Hesse, Allison Perkins, Lori Armstrong, Rebecca Zirnheld

Principal’s report – Shane O’Day – basketball game Friday, Senior recognition night during girls varsity game.

Questions – fight in the hallway? Was a fight in the hallway with girls. Not physical in nature, administration continuing to investigate. What happens to kids who fight? Very swift and firm as administration. Understanding that kids are kids and will sometimes make poor decisions. There were appropriate consequences.

Are you coming back next year? Shane each year asks staff if they want him to return the following year. Staff says yes, his plans are to stay. What is the process if/when Shane leaves? Shane has two supervisors: IPS and Butler. Both must agree on principal. Shane makes yearly decision each October/November. Staff makes decisions in December. He will be transparent if/when he decides to move on. Parents will be involved in process. Shane’s plans are to stay.

IPS lottery first round closed. Shortridge has accepted 220 freshman. Last year at this time 100 total. Could have incoming class of 300. Estimate freshman class 180-210. Currently 350 students total. Shortridge market can bear about 800. 3-4 new staff/teachers needed. Will get better understanding after real numbers are known.

Computers for freshman students next year? Possibly not. SBA (student based allocation) means choices need to be made at school level as it relates to dollars. Makes more sense to spend dollars on teachers/staff vs. technology. Encourage a “bring your own device” for MYP. Students who now have laptops currently will retain them. Going forward, most likely only DP students will get computers.

“Coffee with O’Day” starting soon. Info when available. Call/ email Shane anytime you have questions/concerns. Check out quarterly letter on website. Building new traditions for Shortridge scholars.

President’s report – Jody – move to approve minutes from October and December Jeb move to approve Rebecca second  Motion passed.

Treasurers report  – Beth Hannan – $4 ,728.97 in account.

Global Gifts fundraiser – $175.75 great relationship builder/great partnership.

Thanks Beth and Leslie for teacher appreciation gifts in December. Next appreciation event is teacher appreciation day in May. Contact Jody if you would like to help.

International Souperbowl – Kristie Carter and Meredith Easley. January 27 6-9 pm in the commons. Need soups and volunteers. Look for info in Lori’s Wednesday Weekly with link to volunteer.

vote on favorite soup. 6-8 volunteers in 2 hour shifts. Bingo led by Mr. Gawdzick and Mr. Bernardi. contact Kristie Carter if you’re bringing soup or have any questions. 317-414-6938


Beth will send out email to people who have volunteered to be on committee. Profits from Gala go straight back to school, funds given directly to Shane to use where needed. If any money ideas or questions, contact Jody

PTSA calendar updates –

January: Souperbowl 1/27

February: 23 PTSA meeting (parent center)

March: TBA Spring Open House

TBA Babysitting event

TBA PTSA workgroups (parent center)

7 personal project expo (10+ helpers, PTSA table)

14 Spring PIT day (sack lunches)

April: TBA PTSA work groups

22 Global Gala

May: 1st week -staff appreciation

TBA PTSA meeting (election)

June: TBA

Announcements – Allison Perkins – Booster club meeting Wednesday 1/18 6:00 pm in the commons. Contact Kathy Langdon if questions

Door prizes…

Adjourn 9:05

Next PTSA meeting February 23 in the parent center

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Minutes from December 1, 2016

Shortridge IB High School PTSA


Meeting call to order – 7:16 by Jody Winter

members present: Cheryl Richardson, Shael Weidenbach, Meg Horn, Beth Hannan, Jody Winter, Fred Winter, Carrie Sample, Gretchen Katner, Lori Armstrong, Karen Steiner, Heidi Hesse, Jennifer Maxwell, Rhett Perkins, Allison Perkins, Carolyn Watkins, Shane O’Day)


President’s report – Tabling approval of minutes


Booster Club report – Jennifer Maxwell – Blue Crew – any parent wants to help out with winter sports (concessions/gate) contact Jennifer


Also needs help working in the bookstore.  Currently open Wednesday and Friday, Looking to keep it open more. Legacy game was big hit. Stands full. rotates location every year. Bookstore cash or check only.


Question about booster club- starting in December. Jennifer will ask Kathy Langdon.

Athletic booster meeting Monday December 12 at 6:00 pm in the commons.


committee reports –

International Soup/ Bingo Night – January 27th Meredith Easley chair start time TBA in the commons


Membership – Heidi Hesse – membership continuing to grow

need input about improving numbers of members. Building community and recruiting members. guest speakers at each meeting.


Lori  Armstrong- Parent Involvement Educator – January meeting – COFFE possible speaker at PTSA meeting.

Financial literacy for students

Butler partnership group looking into recording parent meeting sessions to distribute to families who cannot attend parent information meetings

“incentive store” getting kids to get their parents to do surveys. Possibly recording PTSA meetings? Go “live” with Facebook for PTSA meetings?


Treasurer’s report – Beth – Teacher appreciation (with Leslie Mundy)

Gifts for all of staff-show our staff how much we appreciate them. International candies/ holiday gift. (Aldi)


Global Gala update – workgroup met last month. April 22 ay Basile Opera Center. Working on getting donations for Silent auction. Contact Beth Hannan 317-441-7911


Garden update – Lori Armstrong – edible gardens – front of building is “look nice and pretty” planting is happening seasonally. appropriate scale for building. Courtyard – Cathy McElroy – winter edible garden. Harvests every Thursday and makes food for staff each Friday. Last week, each staff member received herb bundles for Thanksgiving. Focus on educating fresh foods – incorporating into curriculum. MKNA grant $3000. 4 planter beds purchased with those funds. Worked with lifeskill groups to engage students. Goal is students to learn about food, gardening and cooking. Kitchen Community Learning Gardens – Organization planting learning gardens. We are considering applying to this free program. Would be on south side of school. Modern aesthetic. Need to get the pulse of community. Aesthetic is non negotiable. will work with city and IPS to create garden.

Out of $3000 MKNA grant, we have $723 remaining. Kitchen Community Learning Garden Program is free; includes training. December 15 is deadline. This program already exists at Global Prep Academy and IPS school 44


Principal’s report – Shane O’Day – State of the School – last year at this time we had 45 candidates apply to SHS. This year, over 115. Most are freshman. rolling admission letters go out. SHS looks at grades, ISTEP scores, and academic record before sending acceptance letters.

Two new High Schools opening in Indy – Riverside (Herron new school)

Purdue Poly Tech. which is an IPS innovation network school.

No move by SHS for Autonomy School status. We have the partnership with Butler so we need to get buy in with Butler. Any state mandated testing needs to be approved by Butler.


State test – 10th graders took ISTEP pilot test. Passing rate 27%. State in Indy 30%

top 10 highest passing rate in state.

ECA results much higher.

Multiyear transition for state mandated testing. if current 9th and 10th graders ISTEP+10 is new test: Algebra 1 and English 10. @ part exam February and March.

can take it until pass. State talking about “no harm” rating for test scores. 2nd year in a row IPS 3-8 grade dip in scores.

SHS preliminary letter grade: B

Cohort graduation rate – last year 84%


Door Prizes…


Adjourn 8:33

Next PTSA meeting January 12, 7pm at SHS commons






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Minutes from October 27, 2016

PTSA Meeting/Parent Info Mtg with IMCPL

6pm start

Shane O’Day Question Time:

New possible start times for school next year.

For us possibly 9.15, being presented to the board tonight, will still release at 4pm. Possibly moving all high schools for later start time.

Question about being called an Innovation School? Three categories of schools:

Most autonomous – innovation school (not us) no longer an IPS school, own board of directors

Autonomous – more autonomy and decision making but still an IPS school

Traditional – we are traditional, we already have as much autonomy as we need. Our legal doc with butler says we can opt out of certain IPS requirements.

Info about IPS: On SHS website there are icons along right hand side that are about strategic plans for IPS, etc. Most up to date information about IPS.

What are your plans for next year mr o’day? Time and place speech every October. To staff: Let me know by December if you will continue here. The faculty decide if he has more to provide the school, does he have more to offer. He is a school builder. Next week the faculty will meet to discuss mr o’day. If they want him back he will stay.

Would you like parents to chaperone field trips: If you’d ever like to chaperone you are welcome, don’t want to put a burden on you.

Kids shadowing not having a good day. Should we set certain parameters? Certain days no shadowing, but we’re very real and don’t want to put on a dog and pony show. Maybe not during spirit week. They now give out some literature to give shadowing students, which didn’t occur before, Mr. O’Day designed it.

Presentation by IMCPL:

Sara Batts of IMCPL & SHS School Librarian

Ms. Scott: if the book they want isn’t here she shows how to order a book from a different branch and it will be delivered to SHS on Thursdays. Students can bring the books back to the media center or another branch when finished with them. Study tables for an hour Mon-Thurs. Fruit for after school every day. Today they got broccoli.

From IMCPL, Sarah Batts :

Shared system: group of 47 schools that use public library circulation system. All have public library cards, can use at school or home. Or at 23 branches. If they check out at school library and the book is returned late – NO FINES. For example, if you check a book out at Glendale the student can bring to SHS to recheck out and then no fines if late.

Small collection here at SHS, carefully curated.

Online at

-Free music with Freegal can stream for six hours a day with no ads.

-Can download or stream. There are playlists and you can make your own. Can download an app. Can keep the songs forever. Can download five songs per week or six hours streaming per day.

-Search apps:Research – Articles & Databases, student resources, long list of search apps for kids to look at to do their research.

-Can save the articles to google drive, will then be in the drive for students to look at. Can translate into other languages, automatically makes the citations.

-Testing and education ref center: college prep tools

-College searches, scholarship searches, look for schools based on affordability

-Consumer reports for free

-Universal class for continuing education. Taking actual classes, Education, stuff on knitting, cake decorating, good alternative to youtube.

-Global issues in context.

-Some with coursework with an actual instructor.

-Digital collections:

Yearbooks for SHS and more. Oral histories.

-Streaming video: movies, tv shows, all free. Music videos, documentaries.

Charlotte Ottinger, presenting about the SHS Archives:

A visit to Marquette Manor, went there last week. Several SHS grads live there. Mr O’Day and Char went there and set up a table of artifacts during a dinner. Alums from ’39 to ‘52

SHS is the oldest public high school in Indiana

“Archive and Museum Project”

Archive Room was a mess when they started.

Charity Dye Library: people donated books, and students who graduated would donate a book. Inventory all those books, note all notations. We have James Whitcomb Riley inscribed books, Vonnegut books.

SHS Artifacts were moved out of the building:

-Art is at IMA on 100 year lease – they do loan back some paintings every three months. Can’t break leases or we’ll get charged for everything they’ve done.

-Trophies at Broad Ripple High School

-Some things in private collections

-Indiana Historical Society – offered to make copies, scans, 25 per year of old photos to display, all of Echo are on microfilm

Where to begin:



Mission statement


Establish inventory

Utilize proper archival storage for artifacts

Teach kids how to properly handle the artifacts

Bought a case for display

Have some duplicates of yearbooks for sale $10 each

To Do:

-Survey SHS rooms

-Scan unique items so they can be stored properly

-Collaborate with organizations

-Historical society could do workshops with the kids

-Get rid of things that aren’t related, for example we have some Butler yearbooks that we don’t need probably, to sell

-Continue acquisitions

-Make collection available to students

-Involve students!

Who will help:

-Mr Todd and Ms Armstrong

-Butler Archivist

-Butler interns

-Parent volunteers

-SHS alums

Long Term Goals:

-Rotating historical displays

-Class reunion displays

-Reclaim important art and artifacts

-Video of SHS history

What we need:

-Monetary donations

-SHS memorabilia and artifacts

-Antique or museum quality display cases

-Audiovisual assistance and equipment for interviews

-Parent volunteers to supervise and guide students

PTSA Meeting:

Motion to approve minutes, Karen motioned, Christie second

Staff Appreciation:

Beth and Leslie will head up first Staff Appreciation in December – teachers and life skills 33 staff members

2 other groups later in school year. $300 budget for all.

PIT meal:

Tons of food, thank you everyone! We had tons and tons of food, teachers very appreciative

International soup and bingo night in January 2017:

Decisions need to be made

Family event to have fun, no fundraising

Global Gala April 22, 2017:

Food, silent auction, music, fun, community building, adult only

Made $8000 last year

Still need someone to run it

Beth organizing donations

Need to start now.

Work Groups Mtg November 10th

need to decide where. What time?

7pm in PTSA/Parent Center, Room 175

Open House:

Lots of turnout for open house last night. Lori says 100 families, 300 people.

Garden Committee:

Discussing MKNA grant.

Sonja: $3000 grant, Cathy McElroy’s vision, four raised beds are started. For a community garden. Life skills are able to work on them.

Lori: IPS has bobcats to fill the dirt in the raised beds. Corporate donor has donated winter ornamental plants. Bulbs to be planted by Life Skills class.

Dine to Donate Fundraiser for Week Without Walls:

Dec 1st historic steer inn: dine to donate 15% for week without walls. Maybe next PTSA mtg at Steer Inn. 7pm?

Raffle prizes drawn

Motion to adjourn:

Gretchen motioned to adjourn

Sonja second

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Minutes from August, 25 2016

Shortridge PTSA/Title 1 Meeting


August 25, 2016

Call to order at 7:05

  • Q & A with O’Day –
  • Title 1 funds:

IXL math

tutoring (pay staff to tutor)


  • PIT Day September 21
  • laptops have gone out to returning students, freshman will get them next week


  • discuss communication when emergency situations – tornado last night
  • communicate through calls, texts, social media (twitter)
  • sheltered citizens on IndyGo bus during tornado


  • Lori Armstrong – parent involvement educator
  • Experiential Learning: service learning part of the IB experience MYP – looking for volunteer work driven by interests, family values, career interests. Idea is for MYP students to be involved with service once per month.
  • cannot relate to preaching or politics. (In accordance with IBO)
  • cannot be something that is being scored otherwise (can’t use a classroom assignment as a service project)
  • DP – targeted learner outcomes. Lori will send info via managebac
  • goes from service in action to CAS (CAS is a requirement for graduation)
  • hours recorded on managebac
  • united nations has good websites about global issues
  • no actual number of hours required to be spent on service learning (more about the experience learning, not tracking volunteer hours)


Kathy Langdon – Athletic Director “Go Fall Sports!”


Jody Winter – first full year as a PTSA.


Committees: please sign up for a committee

  • Marie Lowe – mom of senior – runs SHOPPE. can trade sizes of your student’s outgrown clothes /room 216 /can bring goodwill clothes to Shoppe and goodwill will give $5 per bag in credit for Shoppe. will take formal wear donations for students to rent
  • Lesley Mundy – Teacher appreciation – will be done monthly for different staff each month – looking for chair of committee
  • Meg Horn – PIT day meals – September and April
  • Heidi Hesse Membership – invite parents to get involved! PTSA dues &10: $5.25 to state dues, $4.75 to Shortridge
  • International Soup/Game night – end of January
  • Global Gala – in April. Biggest fundraiser of the year. Adult only event, silent auction
  • Athletic Boosters – separate from PTSA talk to Kathy Langdon/ Jennifer Maxwell



Approve minutes from May meeting

Jeb moved, Heidi second – motion passes


clalendar/budget –

motion to approve budget – Jeb, Karen second. motion to approve budget passes


Announcements: Jeb event “taste the difference” food festival. Old Lafayette Square. Student volunteer opportunities. Talk to Jeb for info October 1st

Raffle for door prizes…



Adjourn 8:31











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May 2016 General Meeting Minutes

Shortridge High School PTSA

meeting minutes

May 19, 2016


Call to order: 6:08 pm

Approve April meeting minutes Beth Hannan/ Sonja Clark


Principal report – Lori Armstrong for Shane O’Day

3 million in scholarships

academic awards June 7th 2:00 pm will receive notification if your child is up for an award

Graduation is June 8th 7 pm must have tickets

working on school calendar for next year – tentative

April 22 tentative date for Global Gala


PTSA meetings 2016-2017 Thursday nights? 7pm? looking for feedback for meeting day/time


President’s report – Reflections on year: open house, PIT days, Grant committee, (3,000 grant from MKNA), fundraiser, created a PTSA. Overall, great year

Vote on proposed bylaw changes: change states that any IPS employee assigned to SHS cannot hold the office of Treasurer.

Motion Sonja – second – Jody Winter. motion passed

teacher appreciation week: Rebecca Zirnheld, Leslie Mundy, Deb Melton


Treasurer’s report – Global Gala brought in $8565.11. Will give $5000 to principal to use for school.

MKNA grant $3000 for gardens. Kathy McElroy working on courtyard garden. Appears to be flowers, 90% edible. Every Friday, Kathy served lunch for teachers from garden. Goal is to have students work on gardens as curriculum (goal: farm to school) would like to put more fruit trees in the courtyard


Committees for 2016 – 2017 school year. Please sign up for committee

Committee info on website

Liz O’Neil – (parent) horticulturist, has ideas for gardens in the front side of the building

youth tree team members – KIB many SHS students in that program


Family Friendly Event at the beginning of the year email Sonja with ideas


New business: Marie Lowe Graduation reception that night in courtyard and the cafe

looking for donations of store bought salty snacks look for sign up genius or volunteer spot coming soon

email Marie Lowe


Nominations committee – Heidi Hesse

Candidates on slate: President: Sonja Clark, Jennifer Maxwell

VP: Kevin Grau, Jody Winter

Treasurer: Beth Hannan

Secretary: Meg Horn

2016-2017 PTSA officers:

President: Sonja Clark

VP: Jody Winter

Treasurer: Beth Hannan

Secretary: Meg Horn


Adjourn: 7:29

See ya next year!!!!













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General Meeting Minutes April 14, 2016

Shortridge High School PTSA

meeting minutes

April 14, 2016


Meeting called to order at 6:07 pm

motion to approve minutes from March made by Sonja Clark – second Ami Anderson


Principal’s report – John Brady for Shane O’Day – new freshman orientation tonight – still much interest. tell your friends. Working on graduation, WWW, school play, end of year planning ahead for next year


incoming freshman class – about 120

encouraging faculty to attend gala

outreach program THIS Saturday – student run ideas festival on service – rescheduled for May 17 – ideas fest – speakers and breakout sessions. focused on service

76 graduating seniors this year – June 8th 7pm at school

over 2.5 million in scholarships for seniors – 7 have full ride


Jen Brady – Joseph Maley Foundation – organization pilot program at SHS anti bullying, junior class trained as leaders good leadership opportunities for students

check out website –

VOTE for JMF in Open Hearts contest – vote once per day now thru April 27


Lori Armstrong – Title 1 – policy being reviewed. email Lori if you are interested in reviewing

Marsh fresh ideas card – 9000 points – bingo set for family fun night, clip boards

or supply tub

found books – history of Shortridge sell at Gala? $20?


President’s report – election in May. Executive board has nominated Heidi Hesse for nominating committee – Leslie Mundy/ DebMelton/Lori Armstrong – providing support

Committee voted – passed Heidi Hesse – chairperson of committee


Bylaws update – “employees of IPS assigned to Shortridge cannot serve as treasurer of PTSA.” change will be posted on website and voted on at May’s meeting

Ami Anderson – babysitting this Saturday for Butler Lab kids PreK, K and grade 1 kids


teacher appreciation week – first week May Deb Melton/ Maxine King/ Leslie Mundy

chalkboard wall – tribute to teachers


Sally Catlin – camp for girls entering 9th grade thru seniors


move to adjourn – 7:02

Next meeting May 19th

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General PTSA Meeting Minutes – Feb. 4, 2016

Shortridge High School


Meeting minutes – DRAFT

February 4, 2106

Meeting called to order 6:06 by president Clark

Principal’s report: (Lori Armstrong for Shane O’Day) at this point, 1.7 million merit scholarships awarded to our 75 senoirs. Goal is 2 million. 10 out of 75 seniors have been accepted to Purdue. Marian Glick was at Shortridge for tour today

Come to DepArt show next week

Shortridge will remain traditional school; no plan for innovation or autonomy

Leadership for students Time to think about summer activities for students. KIB, Netliteracy summer internship program, youth media institute, we’re being noticed in community. Students are recognized as leaders and high level employees.

Over 300 applications for Shortridge 2016-2017 school year.

Question: discuss admission process next meeting

SHS hosting February 23 6:00 in commons college night

FASFA workshop next week 2/16 4-7pm

PSAT results are in for juniors and seniors


New bus app? working


Presidents report: Clark

motion to approve January’s minutes, motion passed

March meeting date changed to March 3

Paper Tiger movie screening March 10 – movie about education practices based on a school in Washington state. 2 hours long. 6-8:30 pm

popcorn: not gonna happen. looking for ideas otherwise.

Shortridge swag to sell? Working on it. Kathy Langdon is point person for that.


Kathy Langdon – came in to show spirit wear, plans to order enough to have a bookstore in the student commons to sell. Now available on website (tomorrow).

Hoop for heart at basketball games tonight – come by. Wear red for heart health tomorrow.

February 19 Winter Homecoming game against Northwest High School


We are updating bylaws. Will be posted on website tonight. vote March 3 meeting.

PNO February 20 at Bent Rail. Have fun!

RSVP to Sonja

Booster Club – talk to Kevin if interested. Cover all competitive extra curricular activities. (Not just IHSAA athletics)

DepArt – February 11 at 6:09 pm. need food and volunteers. sign up on website under “families” “PTSA,”

February 13 – need help in concession stand all day. sign up on website DepArt also running gallery Saturday, 2/13 12-5

look for student volunteers, can get service hours for time.

looking for PTSA volunteer to chair committee for Marsh/shoperoo/Amazon Smile

Target – Has it changed??

PIT Day April 7th – provide food for teachers, 30 minute break. sack lunch? place orders and volunteers make sandwiches.


Update on Global Gala: Basile Opera Center $300 200+ people. Donations are going very well.

People excited and supportive.

Global Gala Meeting: February 25

Scott Lowe – needs for the Shoppe – 1. needs to expand hours of Shoppe to prepare for prom. Needs help minding the Shoppe to help kids. 2. dry cleaner contact – low cost connection so kids can afford dresses.

contact Marie Lowe at if you can help.


Adjourn 7:01

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Meeting Minutes from January 14, 2016

Shortridge High School PTSA

meeting minutes

January 14, 2016

Members present: Marie Lowe, Stacy LeFlore, Gean Menser, Deb Melton, Karen Steiner, Jody

Winter, Fred Winter, Kevin Grau, Gretchen Katner, Heidi Hesse, Beth Hannan, Meg Horn, Sonja


Call to order 6:07 by President Clark

Approval of minutes

Principal’s report: Shane O’Day Feb 11 and 13 6:09 pm (June 9 is graduation)

“depArt” is the theme DP Art Show

Looking for community and parent volunteers provide dinner, coatcheck, to help at event.

Exams: moving away in Indiana from ECA. This is the last year for ECA

Pearson+ 10 is new test – all 10th graders take the new test for baseline data. Cannot opt out as

principal. 8 hour exam. Does not count as student grade but as school accountability.

This year’s 10th graders will also take ECA this year. ESL students take different test/life skills

students take ISTAR

AP exams happen end of May additionally

More info to come

Previous passing rates from Gambold 98%, 99% for ECA

February – seniors take mock exams to prepare for IB tests in May

PSAT results- last year’s avg 950 for USA – Gambold’s avg 984 2 students scored in top 2%

highest scores 1430s. School is very happy with scores

Approximately $880,000 this far for merit based scholarships for seniors.

VP report: Grant committee – talk to Kevin

Booster club – athletics committee – put together resources to support the athletic program/

setting priorities – academic, athletic, extra curricular. Work with Kathy Langdon. if interested,

contact Kevin or Sonja

President’s report: popcorn – cannot sell it at lunch time anymore- possibility to sell after


Kathy needs help in concession stand January 30 10-4, and Feb 13 9am -7pm. 2 hour shift

Spring parent event: April 23 or 30th fundraiser party

Treasurer’s report – 43 members


+ check for $100

Announcements: February 11 – next meeting. Change because of DepArt?

*meeting change date- February 9th 6:00

winner of name of event: Shortridge High Global Gala

meeting adjourned at 7:10

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General Meeting Minutes December 15, 2015

Minutes – DRAFT

Shortridge High School PTSA December 15, 2016

Members present: Meg Horn, Lori Armstrong, Sonja Clark, Kevin Grau, Beth Hannan, Scott Lowe, Jennifer Payne, Al Edyveen, Shane O’Day, CiCi Covington, Mark Shullenberger, Karen Steiner

call to order 6:03 by President Clark

Approval of minutes -Kevin Grau moved to approve, Beth Hannan second – vote: approved

Principal’s report: Principal O’Day – Miliken award winner – Mel Coryel

Successful winter concert

murals in building –

250 applicants for freshman class

last year, about 100. for all classes; 95% are freshman

5 applicants joining after winter break

Short ridge not part of magnet application process

average 70% acceptance

admission requirements: academic achievement A and B

ISTEP scores from 7th grade

check references: behavior concerns

scholarships up to $750,000 merit based

report cards Thursday

3 is an average. Look for 4 and 5 grades “4” is B OR B+

5 is grade to shoot for.

WWW in May

Prom April 2. Look at website

graduation June 9 looking for speakers – trying to get Andrew Luck, John Green

focusing on professional development for teachers – faculty meets every Wednesday

(Mark Shullenbarger – all teachers will be trained MYP and DP)

Shortridge all IB school – racially diverse, public, failing school district


President’s report – short term goals, long term goals – setting up committees, build community, raise money. need money for textbooks, DT supplies, athletics,

Raising money – grant committees, partnerships with Butler

Scott Lowe and Karen Steiner will lead grant committee

VP report – Kevin will chair grant committee

Secretary’s report – Meg -check for misspelling

Treasurer’s report – Beth

$430 in dues

$50 in cup sales

$250 donation check


fundraising – kids night in – partnering with school 60


best way to communicate to our families. table conversation to next meeting to discuss communication with Shortridge families (Lori – on agenda next meeting)


Popcorn sales – lunch on Fridays made $67

will continue to do on regular basis. (possible Title 1 issue?) Twice/ month

Popcorn January 8 Kevin Cici to do next month

pop – up store


New business – yoga class for parents minimal cost – open to short ridge community

Hubbard Award – nominate teachers and administrators -link is on managebac and website

Millikin awards – instagram – kids take selfie with teach and post it. the most likes gets $500 for school project. #shortridgehigh or @shortridge


spring fundraiser – April 23 or 30??

Lori to send survey to decide date

Next PTSA meeting January 14 6:00 pm room 167


Questions: Scott Lowe – senior awards? previous Shortridge awards given to seniors. will these awards continue? Lori and Al will look into. Al – awards dinner for students. Lori – will be awards night for all students. Will be bigger in future. Late May early June.

Scott will work with students to revive awards to hang in lobby.


Al Edyven – Alumni association. Has website and Facebook page. working to reach out to more alumni.

2016 Indiana Bicentennial year. Time capsule in courtyard. Student investigation??


move to adjourn: Al Edyven, Kevin Grau

Adjourn 8:15







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General Meeting Minutes Nov. 19, 2015


Shortridge High School PTSA November 19, 2015

Members present: Maxine King, Sonja Clark, Gean Menser, Al Edyvean, Sally Catlin, Kevin Grau, Deb Melton, Heidi Hesse, Karen Steiner, Beth Hannan, Ami Anderson, Jennifer L. Payne, Scott Lowe, Lori Armstrong, Meg Horn

Call to order at 6:08 by Sonja Clark

Principal’s report :

Shane O’Day – 10:00 am November 23, Dr. Ferebee at Shortridge for big announcement. Watch the news

Scholarships and college inviataions – $200,000 already in scholarship offers to seniors.

December 3 – Winter concert

December 4 – basketball game, retiring jerseys

Academics – semester report cards on permanent transcript

Sophomores only – December 3, 5:45 – course selections for DP – look for more info

Legacy game – at Attucks

Theatre booked for December

‘no shave’ November – principal and many students participating to raise awareness of men’s health issues

Committee reports:

Nominations committee – Maxine King

Nominations from floor:

President: Sonja Clark, accepts

Maxine King, declines

Vice President: Al Evyvean, accepts

Kevin Grau, accepts

Secretary: Meg Horn, accepts

Treasurer: Beth Hannan, accepts

(Candidate speeches)

Ms. King – possibility of “at large” member if we would like to change the bylaws to reflect that

Because of 2 candidates for VP, we are doing a ballot election.

Election results:

Sonja Clark: 16 votes

Al Edyvean: 4 votes

Kevin Grau: 12 votes

Meg Horn: 16 votes

Beth Hannan: 16 votes

Oath of office – officers sworn in by Principal O’Day

President report:

Sonja Clark – please join a committee

Popcorn sales in cafeteria on Fridays

Sell hot cups in cafeteria on Fridays


Next Meeting: Tuesday, December 15 6:00 in room 167, enter through door 12 on southwest side of building. Park on 34th street and lot by school 60.

2016 meetings to be held second Thursday of each month – exact dates TBA