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Minutes from October 27, 2016

PTSA Meeting/Parent Info Mtg with IMCPL

6pm start

Shane O’Day Question Time:

New possible start times for school next year.

For us possibly 9.15, being presented to the board tonight, will still release at 4pm. Possibly moving all high schools for later start time.

Question about being called an Innovation School? Three categories of schools:

Most autonomous – innovation school (not us) no longer an IPS school, own board of directors

Autonomous – more autonomy and decision making but still an IPS school

Traditional – we are traditional, we already have as much autonomy as we need. Our legal doc with butler says we can opt out of certain IPS requirements.

Info about IPS: On SHS website there are icons along right hand side that are about strategic plans for IPS, etc. Most up to date information about IPS.

What are your plans for next year mr o’day? Time and place speech every October. To staff: Let me know by December if you will continue here. The faculty decide if he has more to provide the school, does he have more to offer. He is a school builder. Next week the faculty will meet to discuss mr o’day. If they want him back he will stay.

Would you like parents to chaperone field trips: If you’d ever like to chaperone you are welcome, don’t want to put a burden on you.

Kids shadowing not having a good day. Should we set certain parameters? Certain days no shadowing, but we’re very real and don’t want to put on a dog and pony show. Maybe not during spirit week. They now give out some literature to give shadowing students, which didn’t occur before, Mr. O’Day designed it.

Presentation by IMCPL:

Sara Batts of IMCPL & SHS School Librarian

Ms. Scott: if the book they want isn’t here she shows how to order a book from a different branch and it will be delivered to SHS on Thursdays. Students can bring the books back to the media center or another branch when finished with them. Study tables for an hour Mon-Thurs. Fruit for after school every day. Today they got broccoli.

From IMCPL, Sarah Batts :

Shared system: group of 47 schools that use public library circulation system. All have public library cards, can use at school or home. Or at 23 branches. If they check out at school library and the book is returned late – NO FINES. For example, if you check a book out at Glendale the student can bring to SHS to recheck out and then no fines if late.

Small collection here at SHS, carefully curated.

Online at

-Free music with Freegal can stream for six hours a day with no ads.

-Can download or stream. There are playlists and you can make your own. Can download an app. Can keep the songs forever. Can download five songs per week or six hours streaming per day.

-Search apps:Research – Articles & Databases, student resources, long list of search apps for kids to look at to do their research.

-Can save the articles to google drive, will then be in the drive for students to look at. Can translate into other languages, automatically makes the citations.

-Testing and education ref center: college prep tools

-College searches, scholarship searches, look for schools based on affordability

-Consumer reports for free

-Universal class for continuing education. Taking actual classes, Education, stuff on knitting, cake decorating, good alternative to youtube.

-Global issues in context.

-Some with coursework with an actual instructor.

-Digital collections:

Yearbooks for SHS and more. Oral histories.

-Streaming video: movies, tv shows, all free. Music videos, documentaries.

Charlotte Ottinger, presenting about the SHS Archives:

A visit to Marquette Manor, went there last week. Several SHS grads live there. Mr O’Day and Char went there and set up a table of artifacts during a dinner. Alums from ’39 to ‘52

SHS is the oldest public high school in Indiana

“Archive and Museum Project”

Archive Room was a mess when they started.

Charity Dye Library: people donated books, and students who graduated would donate a book. Inventory all those books, note all notations. We have James Whitcomb Riley inscribed books, Vonnegut books.

SHS Artifacts were moved out of the building:

-Art is at IMA on 100 year lease – they do loan back some paintings every three months. Can’t break leases or we’ll get charged for everything they’ve done.

-Trophies at Broad Ripple High School

-Some things in private collections

-Indiana Historical Society – offered to make copies, scans, 25 per year of old photos to display, all of Echo are on microfilm

Where to begin:



Mission statement


Establish inventory

Utilize proper archival storage for artifacts

Teach kids how to properly handle the artifacts

Bought a case for display

Have some duplicates of yearbooks for sale $10 each

To Do:

-Survey SHS rooms

-Scan unique items so they can be stored properly

-Collaborate with organizations

-Historical society could do workshops with the kids

-Get rid of things that aren’t related, for example we have some Butler yearbooks that we don’t need probably, to sell

-Continue acquisitions

-Make collection available to students

-Involve students!

Who will help:

-Mr Todd and Ms Armstrong

-Butler Archivist

-Butler interns

-Parent volunteers

-SHS alums

Long Term Goals:

-Rotating historical displays

-Class reunion displays

-Reclaim important art and artifacts

-Video of SHS history

What we need:

-Monetary donations

-SHS memorabilia and artifacts

-Antique or museum quality display cases

-Audiovisual assistance and equipment for interviews

-Parent volunteers to supervise and guide students

PTSA Meeting:

Motion to approve minutes, Karen motioned, Christie second

Staff Appreciation:

Beth and Leslie will head up first Staff Appreciation in December – teachers and life skills 33 staff members

2 other groups later in school year. $300 budget for all.

PIT meal:

Tons of food, thank you everyone! We had tons and tons of food, teachers very appreciative

International soup and bingo night in January 2017:

Decisions need to be made

Family event to have fun, no fundraising

Global Gala April 22, 2017:

Food, silent auction, music, fun, community building, adult only

Made $8000 last year

Still need someone to run it

Beth organizing donations

Need to start now.

Work Groups Mtg November 10th

need to decide where. What time?

7pm in PTSA/Parent Center, Room 175

Open House:

Lots of turnout for open house last night. Lori says 100 families, 300 people.

Garden Committee:

Discussing MKNA grant.

Sonja: $3000 grant, Cathy McElroy’s vision, four raised beds are started. For a community garden. Life skills are able to work on them.

Lori: IPS has bobcats to fill the dirt in the raised beds. Corporate donor has donated winter ornamental plants. Bulbs to be planted by Life Skills class.

Dine to Donate Fundraiser for Week Without Walls:

Dec 1st historic steer inn: dine to donate 15% for week without walls. Maybe next PTSA mtg at Steer Inn. 7pm?

Raffle prizes drawn

Motion to adjourn:

Gretchen motioned to adjourn

Sonja second

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