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Minutes from December 1, 2016

Shortridge IB High School PTSA


Meeting call to order – 7:16 by Jody Winter

members present: Cheryl Richardson, Shael Weidenbach, Meg Horn, Beth Hannan, Jody Winter, Fred Winter, Carrie Sample, Gretchen Katner, Lori Armstrong, Karen Steiner, Heidi Hesse, Jennifer Maxwell, Rhett Perkins, Allison Perkins, Carolyn Watkins, Shane O’Day)


President’s report – Tabling approval of minutes


Booster Club report – Jennifer Maxwell – Blue Crew – any parent wants to help out with winter sports (concessions/gate) contact Jennifer


Also needs help working in the bookstore.  Currently open Wednesday and Friday, Looking to keep it open more. Legacy game was big hit. Stands full. rotates location every year. Bookstore cash or check only.


Question about booster club- starting in December. Jennifer will ask Kathy Langdon.

Athletic booster meeting Monday December 12 at 6:00 pm in the commons.


committee reports –

International Soup/ Bingo Night – January 27th Meredith Easley chair start time TBA in the commons


Membership – Heidi Hesse – membership continuing to grow

need input about improving numbers of members. Building community and recruiting members. guest speakers at each meeting.


Lori  Armstrong- Parent Involvement Educator – January meeting – COFFE possible speaker at PTSA meeting.

Financial literacy for students

Butler partnership group looking into recording parent meeting sessions to distribute to families who cannot attend parent information meetings

“incentive store” getting kids to get their parents to do surveys. Possibly recording PTSA meetings? Go “live” with Facebook for PTSA meetings?


Treasurer’s report – Beth – Teacher appreciation (with Leslie Mundy)

Gifts for all of staff-show our staff how much we appreciate them. International candies/ holiday gift. (Aldi)


Global Gala update – workgroup met last month. April 22 ay Basile Opera Center. Working on getting donations for Silent auction. Contact Beth Hannan 317-441-7911


Garden update – Lori Armstrong – edible gardens – front of building is “look nice and pretty” planting is happening seasonally. appropriate scale for building. Courtyard – Cathy McElroy – winter edible garden. Harvests every Thursday and makes food for staff each Friday. Last week, each staff member received herb bundles for Thanksgiving. Focus on educating fresh foods – incorporating into curriculum. MKNA grant $3000. 4 planter beds purchased with those funds. Worked with lifeskill groups to engage students. Goal is students to learn about food, gardening and cooking. Kitchen Community Learning Gardens – Organization planting learning gardens. We are considering applying to this free program. Would be on south side of school. Modern aesthetic. Need to get the pulse of community. Aesthetic is non negotiable. will work with city and IPS to create garden.

Out of $3000 MKNA grant, we have $723 remaining. Kitchen Community Learning Garden Program is free; includes training. December 15 is deadline. This program already exists at Global Prep Academy and IPS school 44


Principal’s report – Shane O’Day – State of the School – last year at this time we had 45 candidates apply to SHS. This year, over 115. Most are freshman. rolling admission letters go out. SHS looks at grades, ISTEP scores, and academic record before sending acceptance letters.

Two new High Schools opening in Indy – Riverside (Herron new school)

Purdue Poly Tech. which is an IPS innovation network school.

No move by SHS for Autonomy School status. We have the partnership with Butler so we need to get buy in with Butler. Any state mandated testing needs to be approved by Butler.


State test – 10th graders took ISTEP pilot test. Passing rate 27%. State in Indy 30%

top 10 highest passing rate in state.

ECA results much higher.

Multiyear transition for state mandated testing. if current 9th and 10th graders ISTEP+10 is new test: Algebra 1 and English 10. @ part exam February and March.

can take it until pass. State talking about “no harm” rating for test scores. 2nd year in a row IPS 3-8 grade dip in scores.

SHS preliminary letter grade: B

Cohort graduation rate – last year 84%


Door Prizes…


Adjourn 8:33

Next PTSA meeting January 12, 7pm at SHS commons






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