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Minutes from August, 25 2016

Shortridge PTSA/Title 1 Meeting


August 25, 2016

Call to order at 7:05

  • Q & A with O’Day –
  • Title 1 funds:

IXL math

tutoring (pay staff to tutor)


  • PIT Day September 21
  • laptops have gone out to returning students, freshman will get them next week


  • discuss communication when emergency situations – tornado last night
  • communicate through calls, texts, social media (twitter)
  • sheltered citizens on IndyGo bus during tornado


  • Lori Armstrong – parent involvement educator
  • Experiential Learning: service learning part of the IB experience MYP – looking for volunteer work driven by interests, family values, career interests. Idea is for MYP students to be involved with service once per month.
  • cannot relate to preaching or politics. (In accordance with IBO)
  • cannot be something that is being scored otherwise (can’t use a classroom assignment as a service project)
  • DP – targeted learner outcomes. Lori will send info via managebac
  • goes from service in action to CAS (CAS is a requirement for graduation)
  • hours recorded on managebac
  • united nations has good websites about global issues
  • no actual number of hours required to be spent on service learning (more about the experience learning, not tracking volunteer hours)


Kathy Langdon – Athletic Director “Go Fall Sports!”


Jody Winter – first full year as a PTSA.


Committees: please sign up for a committee

  • Marie Lowe – mom of senior – runs SHOPPE. can trade sizes of your student’s outgrown clothes /room 216 /can bring goodwill clothes to Shoppe and goodwill will give $5 per bag in credit for Shoppe. will take formal wear donations for students to rent
  • Lesley Mundy – Teacher appreciation – will be done monthly for different staff each month – looking for chair of committee
  • Meg Horn – PIT day meals – September and April
  • Heidi Hesse Membership – invite parents to get involved! PTSA dues &10: $5.25 to state dues, $4.75 to Shortridge
  • International Soup/Game night – end of January
  • Global Gala – in April. Biggest fundraiser of the year. Adult only event, silent auction
  • Athletic Boosters – separate from PTSA talk to Kathy Langdon/ Jennifer Maxwell



Approve minutes from May meeting

Jeb moved, Heidi second – motion passes


clalendar/budget –

motion to approve budget – Jeb, Karen second. motion to approve budget passes


Announcements: Jeb event “taste the difference” food festival. Old Lafayette Square. Student volunteer opportunities. Talk to Jeb for info October 1st

Raffle for door prizes…



Adjourn 8:31











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