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General Meeting Minutes December 15, 2015

Minutes – DRAFT

Shortridge High School PTSA December 15, 2016

Members present: Meg Horn, Lori Armstrong, Sonja Clark, Kevin Grau, Beth Hannan, Scott Lowe, Jennifer Payne, Al Edyveen, Shane O’Day, CiCi Covington, Mark Shullenberger, Karen Steiner

call to order 6:03 by President Clark

Approval of minutes -Kevin Grau moved to approve, Beth Hannan second – vote: approved

Principal’s report: Principal O’Day – Miliken award winner – Mel Coryel

Successful winter concert

murals in building –

250 applicants for freshman class

last year, about 100. for all classes; 95% are freshman

5 applicants joining after winter break

Short ridge not part of magnet application process

average 70% acceptance

admission requirements: academic achievement A and B

ISTEP scores from 7th grade

check references: behavior concerns

scholarships up to $750,000 merit based

report cards Thursday

3 is an average. Look for 4 and 5 grades “4” is B OR B+

5 is grade to shoot for.

WWW in May

Prom April 2. Look at website

graduation June 9 looking for speakers – trying to get Andrew Luck, John Green

focusing on professional development for teachers – faculty meets every Wednesday

(Mark Shullenbarger – all teachers will be trained MYP and DP)

Shortridge all IB school – racially diverse, public, failing school district


President’s report – short term goals, long term goals – setting up committees, build community, raise money. need money for textbooks, DT supplies, athletics,

Raising money – grant committees, partnerships with Butler

Scott Lowe and Karen Steiner will lead grant committee

VP report – Kevin will chair grant committee

Secretary’s report – Meg -check for misspelling

Treasurer’s report – Beth

$430 in dues

$50 in cup sales

$250 donation check


fundraising – kids night in – partnering with school 60


best way to communicate to our families. table conversation to next meeting to discuss communication with Shortridge families (Lori – on agenda next meeting)


Popcorn sales – lunch on Fridays made $67

will continue to do on regular basis. (possible Title 1 issue?) Twice/ month

Popcorn January 8 Kevin Cici to do next month

pop – up store


New business – yoga class for parents minimal cost – open to short ridge community

Hubbard Award – nominate teachers and administrators -link is on managebac and website

Millikin awards – instagram – kids take selfie with teach and post it. the most likes gets $500 for school project. #shortridgehigh or @shortridge


spring fundraiser – April 23 or 30??

Lori to send survey to decide date

Next PTSA meeting January 14 6:00 pm room 167


Questions: Scott Lowe – senior awards? previous Shortridge awards given to seniors. will these awards continue? Lori and Al will look into. Al – awards dinner for students. Lori – will be awards night for all students. Will be bigger in future. Late May early June.

Scott will work with students to revive awards to hang in lobby.


Al Edyven – Alumni association. Has website and Facebook page. working to reach out to more alumni.

2016 Indiana Bicentennial year. Time capsule in courtyard. Student investigation??


move to adjourn: Al Edyven, Kevin Grau

Adjourn 8:15







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